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A Whimsical Garden Party

When love is in the air, there’s no better place to celebrate than amidst nature’s beauty. Alyssa and Paul chose the enchanting Blue Moon Rising in McHenry, MD, as the backdrop for their dream wedding. With the expert guidance of Kathryn Rose Event Company, their vision of a whimsical garden party came to life. From custom wedding day signage to a sun-kissed ceremony, every detail was carefully curated to create a light and airy atmosphere. Join us as we dive into the magical world of Alyssa and Paul’s Maryland wedding.

Setting the Stage

Alyssa’s vision for her special day was to transform Blue Moon Rising into a whimsical garden paradise. With the help of Kathryn Rose Event Company, the venue was adorned with lush greenery, delicate blooms, and charming details. The couple wanted their guests to feel like they had stepped into a fairytale, and that’s exactly what they achieved.

The Perfect Touch: Custom Wedding Day Signage

Kathryn Rose Event Company played a crucial role in bringing Alyssa and Paul’s vision to life. One standout element was the custom wedding day signage. Created with precision and creativity, these signs added a personal touch to the celebration. Each sign was thoughtfully designed to match the whimsical theme, creating a cohesive and magical ambiance throughout the venue.

A Ray of Sunshine: A Rainy Start and a Beautiful Ceremony

Despite the rainy start to the day, luck was on Alyssa and Paul’s side as the sun emerged just before their ceremony. The weather cleared up just in time, creating a picturesque setting for their vows. The magical combination of nature’s beauty and the couple’s love made for an unforgettable ceremony.

Capturing the Moments: Megan McGreevy Photography

To immortalize the precious moments of their special day, Alyssa and Paul enlisted the talented Megan McGreevy Photography. With an exceptional eye for detail and a knack for capturing emotions, Megan beautifully documented every heartfelt moment and created a treasure trove of memories for the couple to cherish forever.

Dancing the Night Away: Sounds Fun DJs

The celebration wouldn’t have been complete without an incredible DJ to keep the party going. Sounds Fun DJs provided the perfect soundtrack for Alyssa and Paul’s whimsical garden party. From romantic tunes to energetic beats that got everyone on their feet, the dance floor was filled with joy and laughter throughout the night.

Bringing it All Together: Professional Party Rentals

Creating a magical ambiance requires the right elements, and Kathryn Rose Event Company turned to Professional Party Rentals in Asheville, North Carolina, to provide the necessary rentals. The rentals added a touch of sophistication to the whimsical garden party atmosphere.

Alyssa and Paul’s Blue Moon Rising wedding was a true testament to the power of love and the beauty of nature. With the help of Kathryn Rose Event Company, their vision of a whimsical garden party became a reality. From the custom wedding day signage to the delicious cuisine, every detail was carefully curated to create a light and airy atmosphere. This Maryland wedding will forever be remembered as a magical celebration of love amidst the enchanting beauty of Blue Moon Rising.

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